September 2022 action

Published on Author Yean Wei Ong
First Tae Kwon Do Master Low, Chief Instructors, and new black belt members, September 2022, Perth

At the recent First Tae Kwon Do Western Australia grading examination, we had two candidates applying for promotion to the rank of 1st Dan black belt. Both applicants ran through a series of tests, including basic techniques, self-defence techniques, and breaking techniques. A key part of the grading is several rounds of free sparring, or… Continue reading September 2022 action

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

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After a long life and a very long reign in modern human terms, Queen Elizabeth II died yesterday. She was a figurehead not just throughout the British Commonwealth, but across the world. By all accounts, she was a diligent and honourable woman, holding her post with distinction. In recent decades, she had also been the… Continue reading Death of Queen Elizabeth II