Easter 2023

Published on Author Yean Wei Ong

We are now a little over three years on from the time the COVID-19 virus really started making an impact on human society across the world. In many cases, life has essentially returned to the way it was before, albeit with public health precautions now more at the forefront of our minds.

We are now also approaching two thousand years since Christ rose from the grave. For humanity as a whole, with each Easter that passes, I suspect that life fairly much continues the way it did before.

We can look back in Biblical history and pick a few pivotal events: the Fall and the expulsion from the Garden of Eden (Adam and Eve), the Flood (Noah), the Resurrection (the Lord Jesus Christ), and Pentecost (the Holy Spirit) come to mind. In each case, humanity seems to have a remarkable resilience to God’s influence, and most people carry on living ‘as normal.’ The Bible tells us more about this situation, and I think many people have tried over the years to explain or describe human existence, with the Bible or without it.

The question for me, and I believe for all of those who have heard of Christ and what He has done, is whether we continue to live life ‘as normal’; whether we go forward living with Christ’s salvation and sovereignty (in a very real and practical way), or without it. It is not an easy question to wrestle with.

(Theoretically, Christ was born in AD 1 [Anno Domini; “the year of the Lord,” normally translated as “the year of our Lord” when referring to Christ], but I understand that it is now estimated He was born around 5 BC [Before Christ], and as He was 33 years of age at the time of crucifixion and resurrection, we are now roughly 1,995 years after that year.)