A new web host

Published on Author Yean Wei Ong

After many years, iiNet has announced that it is closing down its web hosting, domain name registration, and e-mail services. Those familiar with the Internet scene in Perth will know the iiNet name well. Things have changed, however, particularly within the last decade, which saw iiNet sold to a larger company. The reduction in scope of services does not appear to have been widely publicised until the last few months, and iiNet has indicated that the move is part of strategic cost-cutting measures.

This has presented me with a problem, as iiNet has hosted my website (including this weblog) since I established it in early 2015. After a couple of weeks of investigation, including a critical look at iiNet’s nominated partner company to provide web hosting services to iiNet’s customers, I have made my choice.

As of today, my website is now hosted by DreamIT Host, a Melbourne-based company that has very recently established server infrastructure in Perth. Amongst other considerations, DreamIT Host met my basic criterion of being an Australian company with Australian support services and Australian servers. As part of my investigation, I reviewed public communications from its staff, and of course took a long, hard look at the quality of its own website.

On an unrelated but interesting note, I found that DreamIT Host appears to have a significant Asian link, with at least some key staff being Vietnamese Australians. Although not directly an influencing factor, it has given me some degree of assurance, as my family and I have had friends and colleagues in many different spheres who are part of the Vietnamese Australian community. One of the things I have always remembered is the extraordinary degree of hardship and tragedy many of these fellow Australians have gone through to be where they are today, whether they are immigrants (like myself) or part of the first generation born in Australia. Speaking from my experience, these are people who value what they have (i.e., do not take things for granted), and are both diligent and enterprising.

Those who know me will be well aware that I set a very high standard, and I am pleased to say that DreamIT Host has, in the short time I have been a customer of theirs so far, met my expectations. Their customer care in transferring my website to their service has been nothing short of excellent.