July to September 2023 action

Published on Author Yean Wei Ong
First Tae Kwon Do pattern, September 2023, Perth

After many years of shooting almost exclusively with an 85 mm prime lens, I picked up my 70–200 mm telephoto zoom lens again, so visual perspective may look different in these photographs. (I will include some technical observations at the end of this post.) First Tae Kwon Do students have continued training through the winter,… Continue reading July to September 2023 action

Nikon Z announced

Published on Author Yean Wei Ong

Nikon recently announced its new Z system, a high-end consumer mirrorless camera system. I haven’t read through any of the many on-line commentaries in depth, but I’ll comment on a few things in the announcement that stood out in my mind. The Z system is a “full-frame, Nikon FX format” system, so it will have… Continue reading Nikon Z announced